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Nowadays most smart phones are covered in glass to make them look nice but this design choice has a drawback event the smallest bump can cause the surface of your phone to shatter but why are phone screens made of glass and not something harder to crack like plastic.

  • Well plastic is more resilient than glass when dropped, you can actually buy smart phones with plastic screens for a much lower price but the screen won’t work as well as a glass one.
  • Smart phones touch screens made of glass are most sensitive to your fingers than plastic ones so they respond faster, glass is not just fancier looking than plastic it’s also a more reliable material.
  • Another drawback of using plastic is its softness this means that pretty much anything can scratch it of your phone screen, if it was made of plastic you wouldn’t be able to carry it in your pocket or bag without it getting scratched by another object and you can forget about putting your plastic phone in your pocket if you need to carry your keys there.
  • The glass use to make Smartphone screens is usually scratch resistant so you don’t have to worry about your keys doing any damage.

How can smartphone glass be so resilient to scratches and at the same time so fragile to falling

Smartphones when thrown from even a small height it will get damaged because of the glass major drawback of being brittle, brittle materials which can’t bend tend to break easily.

future smartphone

What will be the future of Smartphones

Phone companies and their smartphone glass suppliers have to strike a careful balance between brittleness and hardness. Phone companies came up with the solution of introducing gorilla glass to this problem which nowadays, is used in a lot of devices while till now no one has found the perfect material yet, to use for smart phone screen this chemically strengthened gorilla glass has some great characteristics. Gorilla glass is thin light and damage resistant and is nearly impossible to scratch and it can withstand falls from big heights also.

Phone manufacturers are always looking for new ways to make gadgets more durable and smarter and sometimes when they start thinking about what future smartphone will look like they end up with some interesting ideas.

  • There’s a chance that smartphone might one day  completely replace our banks and credit cards all around the world, people will be able to send their money entirely through mobile apps like Apple pay, Samsung pay. Thanks to our smart phones many stores won’t even have ordinary cash registers anymore, they will probably play a more important role as an authentication systems.
  • Phones nowadays, use things like GPS, Bio metrics and user data to confirm payments and other transactions. Smartphones will become more flexible in the future that you might not carry phone in the palm of your hand anymore instead a bendy screen could wrap around your wrist like a bracelet.
  • Even curved displays will be fully functional another gadget, for those who like to keep their hands free. Smartphone may comes with a gadget which looks like a fitness tracker, may not have a screen at all instead it will project your phones interface onto your arm.
  • It might even be equipped with special sensors that capture the movements of your fingers, its possible to open doors, raise the barrier in a parking lot and turn on a microwave with your phone this kind of technology could become more widespread over time.
  • Smart home technology could improve security for example if someone gets into your house you’ll receive an alarm even if you are far from home but in the future you might be able to do even more things through your smart phone for example smart devices might be able to give commands to our future robot helpers or maybe just zap that burglar in your living room.
  • Even if your phone has a good battery it usually only lasts for two days or less this may change as the future developers are always looking innovative ways to make more powerful batteries, they are also trying to make them smaller and lighter.
  • Smartphones comes in so many colors that its sometimes hard to choose the one, black silver and white are the classic colors but for some people these phone colors are kind of boring they may prefer bright colors but this bright colors can give you device a less professional look. In future this won’t be a problem, in future your smartphone screen might cover all of your phones surface with such type of smart screen we might have the option of changing our devices color to suit our mood or the situation.
  • We take selfies more and more often so we need good front facing cameras in our devices I phones have big notches on the top of their screens to accommodate these cameras, Samsung devices on the other hand have punch hole cut-outs for them. These design choices take a lot of spaces on your display but in future smartphones will have under screen camera technology, you won’t even see the camera anymore because it’ll be beneath your phone screen.
  • One day we might even have holographic smart phones which will be covered by thousands of fish eye lenses that disperse light in different directions this feature will allow us to see 3 D images on smart phones screens without any use of glasses or any special equipment, researchers have already created this technology but its far from perfect. The screen resolution on this experimental phone is just 160 by 104 pixels which isn’t the best.
  • The smart phones of the future may also help us to improve our diets, phone gadgets will allow us to scan food and count calories. Some manufacturers don’t show all the ingredients they put in their food with this technology you’ll be able to see each and every ingredient right on your screen and make the right decision.
  • Smartphone’s are great for watching videos and playing games but not for reading the e ink displays that are used in electronic readers. Electronic readers are a much better option they are not only less harmful to your eyes but also more convenient you can read eBooks outside even in direct sunlight, future smart phones may be able to switch to reading more whenever you need it
  • Future smartphones may not even look like phones at all, they may have a completely new shape or form and will still perform the same task that smart phones do today for example In the future smartphones could be replaced by Augmented Reality (AR) devices which might look similar to a new version of Google glass.
  • Glasses with Augmented Reality (AR) technology might be able to project images in front of your eyes, you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows, play games, view photos and browse web pages without a physical phone. You won’t even need a proper TV at home anymore which will saves your money and space of your home.

This is all about the future and the reason why smartphones screen are not made of plastic, hope you like this blog. Thanks for your time and Quiz and facts will published a new blog every week covering a lot of interesting facts, till then stay connected.